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You may find our pricing to be very reasonable, as the average MSP charges between $150 - $200 monthly per supported user. This has nothing to do with us cutting corners. Rather, we are run very efficiently and with minimal overhead. This allows us to transfer some of our cost-savings to you. If you're a non-profit organization please reach out for discounted rates.

Some notes:
Interns and part-time users working less than 20 hours a week do not count towards your user count.
We provide a discounted rate for non-profit organizations.


$60.00 only
*Per user per month.
For those companies that need all the critical components of their IT taken care of by professionals. In order to guarantee such competitive pricing, projects and support requests are charged separately.
managed servers
managed network
managed cybersecurity
managed business continuity
managed cloud
managed vendors - vendors related to the services listed above
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All You Can Eat (AYCE)

$120-140.00* only
*Per user per month, Depending on size an complexity.
For organizations who are looking to leverage technology in order to scale at an accelerated pace. Ongoing support is included.
managed onsite & remote (help desk) technical support –unlimited on-site and remote support for all it related issues
managed computers – unlimited support of end user laptops and workstations
managed servers – unlimited support of the server infrastructure
managed network – unlimited support of the network infrastructure including wan\lan, firewalls, switches, wi-fi, vpns, etc.
managed cybersecurity – unlimited support of all security solutions including spam filtering, patching, edr, managed dns, encryption, password management, dark web monitoring, etc.
managed projects – unlimited project support is included with the exception of wiring projects and facility\office relocations
managed business continuity – unlimited support of the backup and disaster recovery infrastructure
managed cloud – unlimited support of the cloud infrastructure including microsoft 365 apps, exchange, sharepoint, teams, onedrive for business, etc.
managed vendors – working with vendors 24x7 to resolve issues related to all the services above
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Bespoke Solutions

Per person, per month
We explore your company goals and vision, so we can align it with perfect-fit technology.
Leverage our experience to facilitate long and short-term technology optimizations
Custom consultancy packages
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