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What you can expect from our managed services

Full ownership of your IT

Our approach to IT management as a managed service provider has shown consistent results. Benefit from a great formula and affordable rates. Almost nothing slips through the cracks.

A proven process for business technology

Reduce cost and downtime with hardware and software that is designed to last - and maintained consistently to boot. Our computer support is second to none.


If you are in financial or healthcare sector, our managed services include ensuring you achieve PCI and HIPAA compliance.

Bottom-line focus

Profit fuels a business. We help you reach higher by improving processes, reducing downtime with 24/7 support services and by intelligently allocating your capital.

IT management for passionate businesses

You are building something special. A business that is helping your community. A product or service to change the world.

ROXIE I.T. understands passion. We value relationships and we empower entrepreneurs. You have a goal and we are going to help you achieve it.

That might mean helping you cut IT costs, help you set up a new IT environment, to take over IT operations entirely, or to ensure business continuity in case of a disaster.

Whether it is cloud services, software management, central business systems, VoIP phone systems or technology strategy that you need help with, we go over and beyond to ensure you have all your IT needs met to absolute satisfaction.

Your passion's data and history is saved on your systems - and that deserves the best care humanly possible.

Managed IT Services - About Us.

We should mention our...

Dedication to partnership

We manage your IT fully, while keeping you in control. You will never have to check on us, or worry about our consistency. More than just another managed services company, we become a priceless partner with you.

Allergy to imperfections

If you have downtime of any sort, that's an imperfection. A blemish on our name and we don't take that lightly. Our attention to detail is one of the greatest hallmarks of our managed services.

Large pool of referrals

We provide referrals - often in your industry - to satisfy your due diligence. This gives you the confidence to know that you're choosing the best managed services provider available.

Testimonials about our managed services

Bob Quick

President & CEO of Commerce Lexington Inc.

“As an organization that serves nearly 1,800 businesses in Central Kentucky, the Commerce Lexington team takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service. We must be able to stay connected to people and businesses across our community, and the team at ROXIE I.T. ensures that our equipment and system is reliable and up-to-date so that we can do our jobs effectively. We have appreciated ROXIE I.T.’s attention to detail, knowledgeable staff, and responsiveness.”

Mitzi Tewell

Practice Administrator, Eye Consultants of Kentucky

"Since joining with ROXIE I.T.'s managed IT services to say we are pleased would be an understatement. They have been great to work with, they always show a consistent and timely response to any issues and problems. The entire team at ROXIE I.T. are knowledgeable and take any added steps to help figure out solutions. Their responsiveness, commitment and organizational structure are to be commended!"

Cathy Stafford

President of Ad-Venture Promotions

"ROXIE I.T. is the most responsive, knowledgeable, professional & skilled service we have ever experienced. As any business understands, without your equipment & service working, you are basically left without the ability to conduct business. ROXIE I.T. is the engine that keeps us moving. We highly recommend their services."

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