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ROXIE I.T. is named after my late mother. She taught me how to work hard, be a great parent, and other important life lessons like not peeing on the toilet She was truly an amazing person - and it is an honor and felt so right naming the company after her."

Kyle Benningfield, Owner

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Owner of RoxieIT

Kyle Benningfield

Owner & Systems Engineer

System engineer.

David Roland

Systems Engineer

Our specialties

Taking full ownership of your IT

We take full ownership of your IT. This way, you can partner up with us comfortably, knowing we are able to anticipate, respond and manage all IT-related scenarios.

Reliability, security, cost-efficiency

Having identified the key weak spots of businesses, we have bundled our services into two standardized packages. By standardizing our approach, you gain access to tremendous value for money.

Managed IT Services - Our Specialties.
Managed IT Services - About Us.

IT management with a human touch

IT is just one of many things we are passionate about at ROXIE I.T. We are also fond of human relationships, business development and combining all that knowledge into the ultimate IT-care-package.

As an entrepreneur, you are working on something special. Making an impact on your environment is not an easy task - and the last thing you need is small problems within your IT operations to distract you from your mission. That's why we set up your IT to perfection and manage it with a passion.

Both of us are working on something we love. And amazingly enough, by collaborating, we achieve our goals together.

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ROXIE I.T. is the engine that keeps us moving.

Cathy Stafford, President of Ad-Venture Promotions

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