Reduce the risk of card fraud with PCI compliance services

ROXIE I.T provides businesses with end-to-end support for establishing and maintaining PCI compliance, helping them protect their business and customers against data breaches and card frauds.

Get PCI compliant
Become PCI DSS Compliant
We Are Part Of The PCI Security Standards Council

Start taking your online payments right away 100% safely by:

  • Protecting your customers' payment information when they do online shopping with multilayered end-to-end online payment protection
  • Securely storing clients' credit card data without bothering about managing a data center
  • Recovering from a hacker attack or data breach with our cyber insurance coverage

Our PCI compliance services

As one of the best providers of managed security, ROXIE I.T. can help your organization never lose customers' trust.

Let Us Be Your PCI DSS Compliance Partner

PCI assessment

When we work with you to make your company comply with federal regulations, you can expect our full commitment, meaning we are not just revamping what you have already done. ROXIE I.T. doesn't believe in reinventing the wheel.

We are using a fine-toothed comb to inspect your current security system to find the weakest parts. This way, we can come up with new ways to completely protect your data.

PCI penetration testing

Outsource PCI penetration testing to us and let your workforce do what they do best. It is easy to assume that your current PCI DSS compliance and security system are up to current standards when you are bogged down with everyday tasks to keep your company moving forward.

However, if your PCI landscape is not frequently tested, you are leaving your customers' valuable data vulnerable to hackers. This is where ROXIE I.T. comes into play. Our penetration testing will protect your customers and keep your business safe and compliant.

Security monitoring

When you choose to work with us, you can expect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year (including the 366th day in a leap year) real-time monitoring, tracking, alerting, and analyzing services by certified IT security analysts.

Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing analytics platforms and business intelligence to improve cybersecurity posture and close gaps.

Maintaining PCI DSS compliance

Maintain your PCI DSS compliance year-round

In addition to helping you accomplish PCI DSS compliance, ROXIE I.T. can also help you remain compliant all year round. Maintain compliance throughout the year and reduce the risk of regulatory penalties and cyber attacks. Remember, cybersecurity compliance is not just a one-time affair.

What you'll get with Roxie IT's PCI DSS services

Personalized approach

We go beyond a simple yes or no approach, meaning we completely understand how things work.

Custom-tailored packages

We offer custom-tailored solutions for PCI compliance that are scalable to your needs and budget.

Lifelong partners

We will help you take on the world

Professional advice

We diligently work with our clients to help them understand what we do, how we do it, and why.

Delivered by true experts

We have only the world's finest cybersecurity experts who have been providing PCI compliance services for over a decade.

Don't overlook cybersecurity and PCI DSS compliance for 11 months out of the year!

Let's partner for your data security and compliance

Roxie IT's certified compliance experts and modern PCI solutions can help you minimize your work scope and simplify the entire process.

Avoid PCI non-compliance fees

We help you avoid expensive PCI non-compliance fees and remain compliant throughout the year.

Responsive support agents

ROXIE I.T. has one of the best PCI support agents with an inbound hold time of one minute (??not sure about this one??).

Lifelong partners

We will help you take on the world

Latest tools that empower compliance

We have what it takes to simplify your PCI compliance and strengthen your data security.

Simplified bank reporting

Once we are done with validating your PCI compliance, it is time to let your bank know that you did your part.

Have a real PCI compliance expert in your corner

Whether you need to improve, evaluate, or develop your cardholder data security measures and practices, Roxie IT has got you covered.

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