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Ignite your IT strategy and move one step closer to success with IT support and solutions that will empower your business performance.

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ROXIE I.T. Is An IT Managed Services Provider In Lexington

Accelerate your digital transformation with the best managed service provider

Our suite of top-notch managed services in Lexington, KY, encompasses everything your business needs to remain relevant and innovative in today's digital and fast-paced world.

ROXIE I.T. can lift the burden off your current IT staff's shoulders or take care of all your information technology needs.

Make your IT work for you

It's expensive and frustrating when you miss opportunities.

It's risky when you have valuable data to protect.

It's annoying and expensive when your employees can't connect.

Outsource navigation of your business technology to us and increase your operational efficiency. Whether you want to hand over your entire IT environment or need small remote assistance, ROXIE I.T. has got you covered.

We Have Technology Executive Roles Focused On Helping Companies in Lexington KY With IT

Award-winning managed IT services

Our cutting-edge solutions allow companies in Lexington, KY, to focus on strategic priorities instead of wasting time on daily IT operations.

We Solve IT Problems By Providing Technology Solutions

Strategic IT consulting

Aligning your company needs with future goals and aspirations is vital, which is why we help business owners map out their IT strategies and make their tech support their business goals.

Our managed IT services are shaped to your needs, meaning we take the time to learn as much as possible about your business to tailor our services to your industry and needs.

We Solve IT Problems By Providing Technology Solutions

24x7x365 proactive management

An integral part of ROXIE I.T. managed IT services is the proactive monitoring of your entire IT environment by our experienced help desk, who work hand in hand with our field service team.

Proactive management includes security scans, asset management, server health check-ups, and everything else your company needs to go full steam ahead.

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We Solve IT Problems By Providing Technology Solutions

Routine & urgent IT support

Whether you need help with simple everyday tasks or are facing an urgent problem, our engineers are ready to help you.

With routine inspections, we prevent those problems that would eventually arise and slow down your business, and with emergency support, we help you get your business back on its feet as soon as possible.

We Solve IT Problems By Providing Technology Solutions

Live help at any time

Most companies in Lexington KY are trying to do everything they can to avoid live interactions with clients.

They want you to send an email or leave a message, wait for half an hour on hold, or navigate infuriating automated phone menus that just waste your time. This is why ROXIE I.T. offers live human support for all your IT queries.

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We Solve IT Problems By Providing Technology Solutions

Cybersecurity assessment

Our cybersecurity experts will inspect your security posture and look for weaknesses or gaps in your IT environment that you need to strengthen to protect your business.

Creating a secure foundation is of the utmost importance to ensure business continuity. Ensure compliance and protect your business today.

We Solve IT Problems By Providing Technology Solutions

Backup & disaster recovery

Protect your valuable data with our backup and disaster recovery plans and have complete peace of mind knowing that you can have your files back no matter what happens.

Having a data backup and disaster recovery plan is one of the most critical investments for protecting your business and ensuring continuity.

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A managed IT service provider with extensive knowledge

ROXIE I.T.'s seamless IT support can help you reach your business goals. With the best tools on the market and decades of experience, you can rest assured that your company is in good hands.

Reduce downtime

Forget about lengthy downtime because we will look after your IT environment 24/7 to ensure everything works smoothly.

React to the market

Take your organizational agility to the next level, react to market opportunities, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Lifelong partners

We will help you take on the world

Support multitasking

Send any type of documents, images, and videos in a group chat and hold engaging meetings with staff and clients.

Assurance & compliance

Ensure your IT environment is 100% secure and fully compliant with industry best practices and have complete peace of mind.

Reduce operating costs & expenses

Pay only for services you need to increase capability, speed, and efficiency and increase profits in your business.

Agility in our services

We stand tall on our promise of delivering services that can change direction quickly and adapt to your "new" situation.

Ready to take your business technology to the next level?

Outsource 100% of your IT to ROXIE I.T. and focus on your business - not your tech.

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