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Dump 100% of your IT burdens on ROXIE I.T, and go make big things happen for your small business. With our IT services, businesses stay safe online, no matter what!

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Managed IT Services - IT consulting.
Managed IT Services - trusted IT partner.

Do you need a trusted IT partner that you can rely on for all things tech?

  • Are you concerned that there are cracks in your IT infrastructure, causing compliance and cybersecurity issues in your healthcare, law, or engineering firm?
  • Are you getting slammed with surprise invoices now and again because your ‘IT guy’ charges you for every 30 minutes of routine maintenance?
  • Are you tired of recurring IT issues within your company’s network? Would you like to maintain 100% productivity at every given time?

We understand - and we can make your IT better

Running a small to medium-sized business comes with its challenges and we know that first-hand! Adding IT issues to that is a recipe for frustration.

Every business owner started with high hopes of growing their business and being the difference in their industry. Getting stuck under a desk, wondering how to fix your IT problems week after week is robbing you of the time and clarity of mind you need to focus your business!

To grow, you need expert IT support that ensures your IT environment works like a well-oiled machine. Established companies know this, and that's why they have all the internal and external tech support they could ever need. With our IT managed services we can make IT your competitive advantage.

Managed IT Services - IT consulting.
Managed IT Services - Roxieit.

Roxieit is your chance to grow faster with IT consulting...

No matter what you need in your IT environment; cybersecurity, a solid compliance plan, cost-saving VoIP, or just for everything to work with laser speed, we have got you covered. We give IT our all!

We function as your in-house team of computer experts at a fraction of the cost of staffing. We proactively monitor your systems remotely, always available to pick up the phone when you call, resolving issues in minutes rather than days. No need to babysit us, we have been at this for decades; we give you just what your business needs to speed up growth.

Expert IT consulting, with a dash of personality...

100% Reliable technology

With our expert advice and consultation, every single aspect of your IT infrastructure would be more reliable, compliant, and secure. We make sure that everything works with blazing speed.

Save more; do more

We help you outperform your competition, not outspend them! Save more on your software subscriptions, VoIP, and even hardware. You’d be pleasantly surprised about the chunk we take off your monthly IT budget!

Lifelong partners

We will help you take on the world

Automated business processes

We help you automate your routine business process so that you can have the time to get real work done. Invoicing, meeting reporting, etc can all be automated, freeing you to focus on more important tasks. We also help with your project management.

24/7/365 expert IT support

We would always be available for you, no matter when you reach out and no matter the issue. Our technicians have the expertise to provide an all-inclusive solution, to ensure the issue doesn't pop up again.

Stay 100% secure and compliant

Cybersecurity and compliance go hand in hand most times. We make sure that all threats and vulnerabilities in your network are addressed to government standards.

Humanize tech

We speak your language. In this partnership, we ensure you are never left in the dark concerning your tech environment. With our strategic planning, you get the full scope of your technology strategy, as well as its short and long-term effects.

With our hands-on expertise, we can give IT services on...

Telephone, VoIP, and eFax

We can help you cut the cables and go from an old analog phone system to a digital cloud-based solution

Networking - WAN, LAN, VPNs, failover internet...

Enjoy reliable, secure connectivity with blazing speed daily.

Lifelong partners

We will help you take on the world

Cybersecurity and antivirus

We proactively ensure that threats and vulnerabilities are taken care of to avoid cyber attacks.

HIPAA and PCI compliance

We ensure your healthcare facility stays compliant by several processes including documenting of hardware and processes, staff training, and digital security risk mitigation.

Proactive maintenance and status monitoring

Your company’s IT network stays secure and online at all times.

Cloud solutions

Get work done, from wherever, and whenever, assured of user-friendly cloud services.

Automating processes

We help you automate business processes, enabling you to focus on achieving your business goals

Backups and disaster recovery

You can depend on us to get back up and running in the event of a cyberattack, fire, theft, etc.

Microsoft 365 management and optimization

We ramp up the functionality of your cloud infrastructure.

Managed IT Services - Story of Roxieit.

The true personal story behind Roxie IT...

Our Founder, Kyle, was raised by a single mother... a strong, passionate woman that played the role of a father and mother. She raised him to be hardworking, dodged, and a great, trustworthy human all-round. She made him the man he is today; a better father to his kids despite not growing up with one himself.

When she passed on due to cancer, Kyle was broken. He was passionate about ensuring that her memory and the values she had passed on to him lived on... Her name was Roxie.

By naming Roxie IT after her, Kyle knew the audience he was out to serve; hardworking professionals that are passionate about getting the most with what they have. As our client, you get the result-producing IT support that you need to grow without the fluff or jargon.

Mitzi Tewell

Practice Administrator of Eye Consultants of Kentucky

"The entire team at ROXIE I.T. are knowledgeable and take any added steps to help figure out solutions. Their responsiveness, commitment and organizational structure are to be commended!"

ROXIE I.T. are knowledgeable and take any added steps to help figure out solutions.
Managed IT Services - Free IT consultancy.

Take advantage of our free IT network assessment

Rather than consistently facing issues with your cyber security, or having to deal with an IT  partner that does not have the time or expertise to give you the latest solutions, why not allow us to help you out?

With our years of experience, we would give you clear and precise IT insights to help you improve your tech environment for maximum results, absolutely free and with no strings attached.

Why for free?

Here's our thought process...

By providing you with this valuable resource - and showing you in plain English the amazing benefits of working with us, and assessing that we are a great fit, we hope to be able to ease you of all your IT burdens.

However, this is completely optional and again - there are no strings attached. If you do not want to utilize our other services; then we are satisfied to have served you regardless.

Contact us for your free network assessment today
Managed IT Services - Fast response.

No matter your unique needs, we have the answers

After we've completed our free network assessment, once we can show you:

  • How organizations can save a lot on a wide range of IT needs while achieving more
  • If to rely on legacy servers, or to move to the cloud
  • If you should move your infrastructure to the cloud and how to maintain and improve your productivity and security in the process
  • How you can bulletproof your cybersecurity to keep hackers out permanently
  • If your existing backup and disaster recovery plan will suffice if an emergency does occur
  • How to optimize your workflow to increase company output
  • How to never again be a victim of poor, mediocre IT services and support
Contact us for your free network assessment today
Managed IT Services - Lexington and Cincinnati.

We cater to healthcare, law, and engineering firms but service businesses across most industries

Being remote IT support experts, we can tackle nearly all IT problems without having to invade your privacy - and if we do need to get into your office, we'll jump in the car and meet you in no time.

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Take advantage of our free IT network assessment

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